Editorial Reviews 

Feathered Quill says: Harris has achieved a winner with the story of Mosscroft: Shadows Not Forgotten. This thrilling, action-packed sci-fi narrative will quickly draw readers in and keep them captivated until the last word is read. New science fiction writer DTM Harris has made her debut into the world of published authors with her first novel entitled Mosscroft: Shadows Not Forgotten, a thrilling story of a war based on electromagnetic pulses between the seven territories of Juno and the dynamic characters this war affects.


Readers' Favorite says: DTM Harris's Mosscroft is everything you could ask from a science fiction story. The complexities of this world filled with action and secrets will prevent you from putting the book down. Harris's decision to change the point of view frequently gives a quick pace to the events, making the story even more engaging. These shifts also allow you to see deeper into the characters' personalities and stories, growing fond of them. Harris has made all of them complex and unique, shaped by their pasts and the things happening to them. Each of them contributes to making the plot even greater than it is. Tension, fear, love - there is room for all that and more in this dystopian world of political intrigue. If you are looking for an intricate page-turner to keep you on the edge of your seat, this is the book.